Tue. Jan 21st, 2020

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5 actually meaningful web design trends for 2020

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Every year the Webflow team gets together and creates a comprehensive list of top web design trends for the coming year. In our most recent post on the Webflow Blog, author John Moore Williams took a unique approach to list 9 design trends that actually matter.

Instead of creating a list showcasing new and modern designs, this year’s post goes accessibility, the no-code movement, and trends that focus on functionality and psychological safety.

In this video, Charli, from CharlieMarieTV, goes over her top 5 favorite web design trends for 2020. These include:

1. Designing truth
2. Accessibility is key
3. The no-code revolution
4. The rise of the Visual Developer
5. Role is not identity

Written version: https://wfl.io/trends2020
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