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no code ≠ no development | Verity Stothard | No Code Conf

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You don’t need to be a developer to build scalable, clean projects — but you do need to know development best practices and principles.

No code tools such as Webflow open up a world of opportunity for non-developers to build amazing things on the web. But with great power comes great responsibility. Without understanding development best practices, atomic component design, and the processes that need to surround your workflow, your projects will quickly descend into a spaghetti string of unmaintainable legacy (no)code. This is a professional developer’s guide to the “no code” development workflow.


No Code Conf 2019 | Brought to you by Webflow

The no-code revolution is here — and the first conference celebrating its future and some of its greatest makers was, in fact, televised. Catch inspiring talks from no-code movement leaders like Vlad Magdalin, Hiten Shah, Brianne Kimmel, Pablo Stanley, and many more.

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