Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

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Building no-code tools and applications from spreadsheets | Al Chen | No Code Conf

1 min read

The skills you’ve gained from working in spreadsheets (perhaps as a result from working a 9–5 corporate job!) prepare you well for no-code tool-building.

Coming from Excel or Google Sheets? I’m a self-proclaimed Excel guru (did Excel consulting and teach Excel classes) and didn’t realize that I was using one the most powerful no-code tools in the world. Simon Peyton Jones, cofounder of the Haskell programming language, said Excel is the most popular functional programming language.

In this talk, I’ll explore how:
· The skills you’ve learned in Excel/Google Sheets — include data structuring — translate to building no-code tools
· To transition your clients from static Excel files to popular no-code platforms
· No-code applications simplify the automation of repetitive tasks
· Spreadsheets and no-code platforms compare


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