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Ok so I always wanted to create a search engine! Tiered of all these large search companies controlling your search to their profit! I cant find any thing on google anymore their search criteria has gone completely un-relevant! So only one thing left to do.

I guess first you need a good domain name. I own Its Domains and Matrix Domains and all the domain names for sale on them. I am thinking if I get this going I will use or the likes. I have a lot of good domain names for a search engine. If you need a good search eninne domain name be sure to chek out the ones I am selling.

I am writing this article basicly to take notes so when I do start the search engine I will have something to refer to.

First I am just going to put a few good informative links

There are 2 search engine scripts I need to check out.



There are several things to consider about the script.

1. will you want to work as a spider or a Metasearch engine.

This can get a little confusing. If I got it right Metasearch engine script just uses other search engines to populate your search engine and it looks like it can get a little expensive. You have to get a Appy key say from google or Bing and they charge you per search! Spider is the only way to go but it still cost in server resources because you will be using your server to run the spider. Ad the other downside is you are probably going to learn how to program that spider!  Any way that’s it for now. double check what I am saying.


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