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How to Make Money with Clickbank – Beginners Guide to Clickbank

1 min read

➡️ Affiliate marketing case study: £42,787 in his first 180 days:

This is how you can make money with Clickbank. It’s the beginners guide to getting started with affiliate marketing and choosing the right products to promote.

My results with Clickbank: 0:18
What you’ll learn today: 0:43
A word of warning: 1:12
The Clickbank affiliate marketplace: 1:19
How to find affiliate products to promote: 1:38
3 big markets to consider: 2:09
How to choose an affiliate product to promote: 3:12
How to get review copies: 4:12
The vital Clickbank stats you need to know: 4:42
The secret to high commission rates: 5:23
The truth about Clickbank Gravity: 6:21
How to track your affiliate links: 7:33
How to cloak your affiliate links: 8:34
How to find high Gravity products: 9:39
Get ready-made marketing materials: 10:36
Quick & easy affiliate marketing strategy: 15:21
The number 1 newbie affiliate error: 18:05
How to get targeted traffic: 18:49
The stupid mistake that cost me $30,000 a month: 19:41
This way to get a $40 ROI for every $1 you spend: 20:46
How to one student made £42,787 in 180 days: 21:11

➡️ Case study: £42,787 in 180 days:

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