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Drive Buyer Traffic to your E-commerce Store: Promote Your Online Shop

1 min read

This is how to promote your online store and get shop buyers so you can increase your sales from targeted website traffic. ➡️ New traffic methods:

#onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #digitalmarketing

Why you need to use product feeds 0:05
How I developed this marketing strategy 1:37
Let me ask you something 3:01
Make use of XML sitemaps 3:26
Press releases demystified 4:19
How to find journalists 6:36
Strategic social media marketing 7:14
Your recognisable brand 8:50
Increase sales with affiliates 9:51
Why content marketing is so powerful 11:00
3 parts of a profitable marketing funnel 11:48
Remind customers to buy 13:52
Get traffic to your shop FAST: 14:47


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