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500,000,000 Traffic Keyword: Google My Business Listing with Google Maps Marketing

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This is how you can tap into a 500,000,000 keyword that takes advantage of Google My Business listings, and Google Maps Marketing.

What you’ll learn today 0:05
The most valuable marketing services 0:45
How Google My Business and Google Maps work 1:08
What you need 1:52
Complete your Google My Business profile 2:16
Use your exact business address 3:10
Add categories 3:33
Optimize your images 4:19
Verify your Google My Business listing 5:05
Get testimonials 5:34
How to make your Google My Business listing 7:23
Get traffic FASTER 9:58

➡️ New traffic methods:


Google My Business optimisation the most valuable local marketing service right now, even more valuable than traditional on-site SEO.

According to Bright Local’s annual search industry survey, on-site optimization is now the second most valuable local marketing service.

It found the top 5 most valuable services are:

1. Google My Business optimization
2. On-site optimization
3. Reputation management
4. Citation management
5. Website design

How do Google Images work? How can we your them in your marketing?

They are proximity based results, based on physical location and work in a similar to the ‘ad rank formula’.

However, it usually positions the closest businesses first.

You will need a Google account for this. They are free.

Steps to get listed on Google Maps and in Google My Business:

Complete your Google My Business listing – ALL OF IT

Use the exact same address information used by your postal service

Specify Which Areas You Service

Include the names of nearby towns or cities that you serve, or a geographic radius.

Check ALL Categories Relevant To Your Business, so think about ALL the services you provide

Optimize Your Introduction

What you do, where you are, and why your business is the best. You can insert links to relevant pages on your site in your Introduction, but be wary of link- and keyword-stuffing.

Include images in Your Google My Business Listing

Add metadata to your images
* Latitude and longitude
* Geographic location
* Keywords

Get Your Google My Business Listing Verified

This can take a couple of weeks, as usually Google will send you a postcard with a PIN.

Customer Reviews

You need at least 5 before they show.

This does take time, and constant maintenance to see results,
but if you want targeted traffic A LOT faster:

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