Fri. May 29th, 2020

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Sabarinathan Sampath – ZNetLive, India (APAC Meet & Greet Series)

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Plesk takes the pulse of the Asian-Pacific hosting industry by discussing with SMB partners in the area. This episode features Sabarinathan Sampath – Senior VP and COO at ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sabari is a proficient, seasoned senior executive with over 2 decades of experience in delivering large-scale, custom, integrated technology solutions to leading telecoms, hosting providers and other large-scale enterprises. His expertise includes consulting and launching of web/e-commerce and cloud services delivery platform. He inspires the teams he is leading to work effectively in building new global, cross-functional projects.

One of the very first Microsoft CSPs in India, ZNetLive is a cloud services provider offering cloud infrastructure and managed services to partners and end customers across the globe and powers well over 90K websites and applications globally. ZNetLive helps enterprises to ‘Be Digital’ by providing end-to-end cloud business solutions. ZNetLive combines technical skills with business acumen to offer world-class cloud solutions on next-gen technologies with flexible deployment models, both on-premises and hosted.

In this interview, Sabari speaks about the main features businesses in APAC are looking for in their hosting providers, as well as the audience’s price sensitivity. The evergrowing interest for innovation, as well as market granularity and need for customization, are just two of the topics on his agenda, which he is tackling by using Plesk.

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