Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

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Yusuf Nurrachman – Rumahweb, Indonesia (APAC Meet & Greet Series)

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Plesk takes the pulse of the Asian-Pacific hosting industry by discussing with SMB partners in the area. This episode features Yusuf Nurrachman, CEO of Rumahweb, Indonesia.

Yusuf was a “terminal guy” (server administrator) when co-founding Rumahweb Indonesia in 2002 with his partners. Now, as the CEO of Rumahweb Indonesia, he focuses on delivering humanized technology to the Rumahweb customers, maintaining the customer experience at its best, and innovating with his R&D fellow to deliver more benefits for Indonesian SMBs.

Rumahweb Indonesia has been in the cloud since 2002 and is becoming the best option for Indonesian small-medium businesses to come to in order to register a name for their idea, build a professional website to attract more customer globally, and communicate with the emails we provide.

Yusuf believes there is a lot of room for growth on the market in which he operates, and that this growth will be led by the younger generations. He believes in the power of WordPress as a growth engine in this context which is developing towards a more and more customized hosting experience.

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