Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

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Build a WordPress Millenium Falcon w/ Plesk Extensions – Markus Galler, Plesk VP of Sales

1 min read

The Millennium Falcon is for sure one of the most famous, desired and valued space ships.
Why? Because literally, you can´t crash it! The Falcon is fast, reliable, and protects you. It makes a difference and determines your success when competing with the large “dark side”. The value of the Falcon is priceless.
Like Plesk, the Millennium Falcon became more and more sophisticated over time and still is the most wanted starship in the galaxy. In his session, Markus will give you some insights on how you can build your own ‘Millennium Falcon’ style WordPress hosting and also share some market insights. Get first-hand tips on how to sell highly profitable and best in class WordPress hosting offerings that are: Secure, stable, innovative, intelligent, fast & profitable = priceless.

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